October 12, 2012

Fall Ready

Hello fashion lovers! Yes I took a blog hiatus, but I can never leave you guys for too long. I am back with my first fall outfit of the day, and I am so ready for the cool weather. Dont we all love fall fashion?

My look is simple. Black and white. Which are my favorite pairings by the way. Its so easy to style, and has a effortless and chic vibe. A pop of color always makes a statement, so I had to add one of this seasons hottest colors in the mix. What are you favorite fall trends?

(Yes, everything is pretty much from H&M, lol!) 

 Top| H&M 
Pants| H&M 
Blazer| H&M 
Wool Hat| H&M 
Shoes| UrbanOG 
Handbag| Louis Vuitton